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Computer Learning Center

Our Learning Center gives you all the tools you need to become a PC expert and impress your friends and loved-ones. Here are just a few of the tips and tricks you'll discover from this learning breakthroughs that are waiting for you online, right now. You'll quickly learn how to:

Create, navigate, edit, format, and print and merge documents in Microsoft Word.
Coordinate mail, personal appointments, events, meetings, tasks, and contacts in Microsoft Outlook.
Master indents and setting tabs, page breaks, headers and footers, as well as using the Spell Check and Thesaurus in WordPerfect.
Navigate the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape.
Produce handsome letters, personalized lists and catalogs using Microsoft Publisher.
Master your PC's basic navigational functions using Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP versions.
Connect to the Internet, find information and communicate with others through email and discussion groups.
Input basic information into your PC, learn how your PC processes the information and how the information is stored and output.
Create and edit bullet slides, use drawing tools, incorporate clip art and develop organizational charts in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Craft, modify, print and save illustrations containing graphics, text, and digital photographs in CorelDraw.
Design and create databases, tables, queries, forms, and reports in Microsoft Access.
Use the advanced FrontPage features to create web pages and manage websites for the World Wide Web or a corporate Intranet.
Design Web pages, tables, lists, hyperlinks, and text formatting with the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
Use intermediate features in Excel to set up linked spreadsheets, complicated formulas at the press of a button, and compare any data through the magic of "filtering".
Take advantage of the advanced features of Microsoft Office and design personalized business cards and letters in Word; use Excel to analyze; and chart-out Access data.
Work with subtasks and time restraints; assign resources and their work schedules to tasks; use views, reports, and drawing tools in Microsoft Project.
Set-up checking and savings accounts, credit card accounts, and record banking transactions on your computer with Microsoft Money.
Use special features in Microsoft Outlook to generate mailing lists, and use newsgroups.
Learn to master Windows Explorer, files and folders, administrative tools, going online with Windows, system maintenance, integrated web and desktop, and many secrets and timesavers!
Master number formats, using a workbook, using and creating templates, enhancing worksheets, importing and exporting data, functions and formulas -- all with Excel.
Learn to automate almost any task you can think of through the use of macros (available in almost all software programs) and the computer language Visual Basic.

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