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Bridal Dresses

The wedding march is playing. The flower girl has strewn her petals and the lovely bridesmaids have taken their places. Then, like a dream, there is the bride, on the arm of her father, floating down the aisle toward her groom. Ask any little girl what that bride is wearing and she will describe the veil, the train, the beaded bodice and long princess sleeves. She looks like a fancy princess! Or does she?

More and more, especially in the warm climates, brides are opting for a simpler look and foregoing the traditional acres of fabric. Brides are now tending toward plain sleeveless gowns. What these brides are giving up in quantity they are gaining in quality and comfort. Current dresses have elegant lines and simple refined accents like silk piping and small satin roses. Fabric choices are moving toward the softer chiffon and organza. Silk is still popular but we're seeing movement way from silk to organza and matted satin. There is also less lace, one dress that has found to be very popular is a matte satin gown with subtle two-tone details. There is café matte satin pleating at the waist and a café band at the hem. The satin train is detachable and is accented by a simple bow and café rosette. The overall effect of this uncomplicated gown is stunning.

The traditional look is still there, girls still tell us they want to look like Cinderella. But more and more brides are choosing the simple, less ornate look. We think part of this is practical. Many weddings and receptions are held in one place. A bride can wear a sleeveless dress, even in January, and not worry about being exposed to the elements. Brides are choosing gowns that are closer in style to the clothes they normally wear and are more comfortable than the traditional stiff, ornate gown. Where we find more beads and sequins are on gowns worn in evening weddings.

Comfort is the main criterion in choosing a gown. We also find that brides are choosing simpler lines, like A-line dresses, and opting for more elegant fabrics. But the bottom line is the smile on the bride's face, When she finds her dress she knows it's her dress. She starts smiling and she's happy. We give some opinions, but in the end it's up to her.

Brides have an idea ahead of time of what they want, but be open-minded and try on several different stylings. We note that brides often have a better idea of what they don't want. Or what they think they want ends up being incompatible with their body type or hairstyle. Then they'll try on something they hadn't considered before and voila! They know. They've found their dress. Simple or fancy, satin or silk, the most important thing is that the bride feel like a princess.

To get a better idea of dress styles, you might like to attend a Bridal Show, many are listed in your local news papers and there will usually be a runway fashion show highlighting the latest fashions.

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